You Know What’s Good for You
CW: Ben Bashaw
AD: Sarah Redmond 

Some people might say that 5-Hour Energy isn’t good for you. Well, sometimes the consequences of being tired can be worse.

Motion: TV spots

Stunt: #SleepCam

Partnership: AllState
When you drive tired, you stop paying attention to the road and end up driving off of it and crashing into bushes. Sometimes those bushes have families of birds who live in them. And as you step out of your vehicle to assess the damage, the birds have to go find a new home. And sometimes that bush has a big rock in the middle of it that crunches your bumper into an accordion. And then Allstate has to clean up your mess.

That’s why Allstate is offering $12 off monthly car insurance premiums to anyone who buys a 12 pack of 5-hour energy.