NYPL Unrestricted
CW: Ben Bashaw 
Book banning is the most widespread form of censorship in the United States. Children's literature is the primary target. Books that address topics such as racial injustice, gender and sexuality, and genocide, are rapidly being pulled from libraries and schools. However, if there’s one thing we know about kids, it’s that the more you tell them not to do something, the more they want to do it. 
Problem: Lack of access to restricted books 
Solve: An app made to house any and all banned books. 

Static: OOH

App: NYPL Unrestricted
App: Restricted Resources 

NYPL Unrestricted Dust Covers: Sometimes getting books into the hands of readers isn’t the challenge, keeping them there is. Dustcovers designed as generally uncontroversial reads would serve as a disguise for what they’re really reading. 

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