Ask: Get existing Duolingo users back on the app 
Approach: Take Duo the bird off the app

D&AD New Blood Awards Yellow Pencil Winner 2022

After becoming the most bullied mascot on the internet due to relentless nagging to complete daily lessons, Duo decides he has had enough. With one final Duolingo notification, Duo resigns. 
A disgruntled Duo proceeds to deface all current Duolingo ads.
Meanwhile, back at Duolingo headquarters, the team needs a replacement to send out the daily reminders. Enter Brad. The intern who is far more annoying than Duo. 
While Brad takes the stage as new annoying notifier, we’ll share what’s happening back at Duolingo HQ via TikTok

In the absence of Duo, and the ensuing chaos of Brad’s notifications, the intenet will campaign for Duo’s return, and Duo will decide to come back.  

You Know What’s Good for You
CW: Ben Bashaw
AD: Sarah Redmond 

Some people might say that 5-Hour Energy isn’t good for you. Well, sometimes the consequences of being tired can be worse.

Motion: TV spots

Stunt: #SleepCam

Partnership: AllState
When you drive tired, you stop paying attention to the road and end up driving off of it and crashing into bushes. Sometimes those bushes have families of birds who live in them. And as you step out of your vehicle to assess the damage, the birds have to go find a new home. And sometimes that bush has a big rock in the middle of it that crunches your bumper into an accordion. And then Allstate has to clean up your mess.

That’s why Allstate is offering $12 off monthly car insurance premiums to anyone who buys a 12 pack of 5-hour energy.

Say Everything Better
CW: Harrison Fuerst
Cameo offers personalized videos from your favorite stars. Because if you don’t have the words, Snoop Dogg might.

Static: OOH print

Stunt: #OnTheGoCameo
Motion: TikTok Ads

Holiday Social Campaign: TikTik #Roastgiving

It’s a Skyline Kind of Night
CW: Kayla Hall

Skyline Chili serves spaghetti topped with secret recipe chili and cheese. It might sound gross, but after 10pm, nothing sounds better. 
Static: OOH prints

Extension: Skyline Chili Care Package

Stunt: Skyline After Hours

Get Your Unusual 
CW: Ben Bashaw
CW: Cara Toebbe
Flip’d is a new fast-casual restaurant from the beloved IHOP. Their objective is to normalize getting pancakes and burgers at any hour of the day. How? By encouraging guests to get their unusual. 

Out of home: Static posters designed to be shared on social. Posters are in reverse until captured selfie style in Instagram stories. Those who share their interaction with the posters get free food.  

In-App secret menu: We will plant a secret menu with unusual orders within the flip’d app. All users have to do is flip their phones to discover it.  

Social: Pan for Pancakes Snapchat filter. Users can use the Flip’d filter on snapchat to pan their area for circles which would register as pancakes, generating a discount for their next visit.